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contact lenses windsorVisions of Canada carries a wide variety of contact lenses for many prescriptions and uses, which we fit and dispense in our Windsor location. Our contacts are not available for sale over the internet. We take joy in providing you with personal service, and we welcome you to visit us for your contact lens fitting.

Why you should get your contact lenses from Visions of Canada:

  • Brand names:
    We provide the latest contact lens technology from the best brands on the market from Bausch+Lomb, Alcon, and Cooper Vision.
  • Prescriptions:
    These contact lens manufacturers cater to a range of prescriptions and lifestyle needs. We offer single vision, multi-focal, toric (for astigmatism), and high prescription (extended range) contacts up to -20.00 and +20.00
  • Types:
    Monthly and Daily disposable contact lenses are available for purchase. Daily contacts are great for vacation, occasional wear, and eyes that are sensitive to contact lens solution.
  • Coloured contacts:
    Medical grade coloured contact lenses are available to our clients in prescription and non-prescription form. New Air Optix Colors are higher quality than you can get in a beauty salon or novelty store. We teach you how to use them properly and care for them so that you can keep your eyes healthy and lower your chances of infection.
  • Care accessories:
    Each contact lens purchase comes with a starter kit, which includes a small bottle of solution and a fresh case. Larger bottles of solution and moisturizing eye drops are available for purchase.
  • Fitting:
    As a new contact lens client, you will receive a thorough fitting, as well as proper instruction for insertion, removal, and care. We maintain a detailed record of your contact lens fit, and update this regularly. Learn more about Visions of Canada’s Contact Lens Fittings.
  • Maintenance:
    We maintain your file and update your contacts as the technology advances, and as your vision, health & lifestyle evolve. Stay up to date with the latest in contact lens technology, products, rebates & specials by liking us on Facebook !

We welcome you to our store for a thorough contact lens fitting and a great customer service experience!