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IMPORTANT: If you live far away and you would like to visit us to get your eyeglasses, please read this entire page before planning your visit.

long distance consultation thin lensesThe experts at Visions of Canada have been crafting high quality thin eyeglasses for over 20 years. We have over 10 000 active clientele, all of whom have detailed Patient History Files and great eyeglasses. Many of our clients travel from all over North America and the world to have their glasses made at Visions of Canada.

If you live far away from Visions of Canada and you would like to experience our thin lenses, we have developed a way to help you. It is through our experience helping so many people who live far away, that we have developed a long distance consultation process.

Our Client Preparation Form and phone consultation process will help you get prepared to come visit us and get your thin eyeglasses. We have created this process in order to ensure that you may only have to make one trip, and that you love the outcome of your glasses.

Visions of Canada is not a discount internet company. We are not affiliated with any other optical stores. This is not “online ordering” or “mail ordering”. We pride ourselves in our precision engineering and craftsmanship, which can only be brought to life with detailed information, consultation, and personal service. It is very important that you provide us with all of the necessary information for us to help you make the right decisions regarding your eyeglasses.

Our Long Distance Process

  1. Client Preparation Form
    This form organizes all of the important information that we require to professionally consult you on your eyeglasses, streamlining your consultation experience. We do not require a credit card number on this form and we do not share your information. The information that you provide is very important because it gives us the ability to control the outcome of your eyeglasses, making sure they meet or exceed your expectations. Filling out as much information as possible on the Client Preparation Form as well as providing pictures ensures that your request is recognized as high priority in our busy stores, and you will be contacted for an initial consultation as soon as possible. Conversely, contacting us without filling out the form can prolong the process, as we are often contacted by doctors posing as patients, trying to extract our expertise to figure out how to build their glasses, or checking our pricing to establish their own –these people are not on our priority list. The Client Preparation Form filters those who contact us to only individuals who are serious about having a great pair of eyeglasses crafted for them.
  2. Initial Consultation
    After you have submitted your Client Preparation Form, including the required photographs, we will contact you for an initial consultation to establish if and how we are able to help you, as well as give you an idea of the price of your glasses.
  3. Retainer & Payment
    After we receive your Client Preparation Form and contact you for an initial consultation, we will require a deposit toward your glasses in order to move further with consultation. We require this because our stores are very busy, and long distance consultation requires a higher investment of time and resources than local consultation.
  4. Frames
    Finding the correct frame to fit your prescription and your features is a very important part of designing great eyeglasses. After you fill out the Client Preparation Form, we can help you find frames locally or fit you with frames from our wide selection.

    Choosing Frames Locally

    If you choose to buy your frames locally, we will provide you with shopping guidelines based on the information from your Client Preparation Form. When you find frames that fit these guidelines and your taste, we ask that you e-mail a picture of you wearing them and provide us with the size information and model numbers. When a frame that fits the criteria is decided on, you may purchase it and bring it with you when you visit our store. Once you get here, we will double check all of the measurements for your eyes before cutting the lenses for your frame.

    Choosing Frames at Visions of Canada

    We are more than happy to help you choose a frame from our extensive designer selection. An entire section of our store is dedicated to frames for strong and unique prescriptions. We can e-mail pictures of frames chosen to suit your facial features, measurements, and prescription that you have provided in your Client Preparation Form, and help you make your final decision when you come in.Being organized with frame selection is very important because we want to make sure that we are able to manufacture your glasses in one visit

  5. Manufacturing
    Your lenses are ordered directly from the manufacturers: Carl Zeiss, Rodenstock, Essilor or Nikon. Many of our thin lens orders with Zeiss and Rodenstock come directly from Germany. Your lenses are cut to your frame with your measurements, then hand finished and assembled in our on-site lab with our expert equipment.
  6. Dispensing
    This is the most important step of all. We take a lot of time to make sure that your glasses are fitting properly so that you can leave with the best vision and the most comfortable pair of glasses possible. We also teach you how to properly take care of your new eyeglasses. When everything is completed, we review the warranties and provide you with your certificates of authenticity.


If you would like a specific price quote, please fill out the Client Preparation Form. We require the information in the form in order to find out how we can help you and how much it will cost. If you are looking for a general price range, please refer to our Lens Pricing Guide.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our process for helping you get organized before visiting our store. The following links provide information that is relevant to this process:

If you live close to our Windsor, Ontario location, please stop in and see us for a Professional Consultation. If you live far away and would like to see about getting your own thin lenses, please fill out our Client Preparation Form before planning your visit to Visions of Canada. This way, we can properly consult you, professionally answer your questions, and guide you through our process.