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Visions of Canada London

Our goal is to help our clients reach maximum vision potential.

Visions of Canada has been in business since 1991 serving Windsor Essex County. We have seen clients from around the world seeking our services in obtaining our eyeglasses because we truly have the most advanced system in the optical industry. Working with Rodenstock Gemany, a company which has been making Ophthalmic lenses for 140 years with over 500 patents. We know that we are working with the best to help our clients achieve superior vision. Our ergonomic lenses are no exception. We are experts at designing ergonomic lenses from start to finish.

Ergonomic eyeglasses are designed to help you with your important tasks at both home and work. They are engineered to help you at a wide range of focal areas such as your computer screen, reading labels in your cupboard, and walking around your office without having to switch to a primary pair. Using the latest in lens technology, premium coatings, frames, and expertise, we can help you with enhancing your lifestyle with our eyeglasses.

Lets face it understanding the different office or computer lenses can be challenging for many consumers. Let us take away any confusion. Here we will explain when ergonomic lenses are used and why. Ergonomic lenses are more then a computer lens, its a lifestyle lens.

Tilting Your Head Back To See?

Does this sound familiar? When your working at the computer monitor are you noticing you are tilting your head back through your glasses to be able to see your computer screen? Then, when you see the screen its clear  in a small area, the sides of the monitor are blurry and this is happening when wearing your everyday progressives or office lenses? Well this can lead to other body discomfort such as a sore neck or upper back.

Suffering from Neck or Back Pain?

Our ergonomic eye glasses are engineered to help you maintain a natural posture while opening up the field of view of seeing your screen(s). We have heard it from our patients that they feel soreness from looking through their progressives at the computer screen for an extended period of time. They are simply using the wrong tool for the job

Switching Between Multiple Pairs?

Imagine putting one pair of glasses that will help you see everything on your desk, the person who came in your office to ask a question, and then you can get up and walk to another part of the office and its clear. This design is called “room distance” They are so comfortable you will forget they are on your face. progressives or office lenses? Well this can lead to other body discomfort such as a sore neck or upper back.

Multiple Computer Monitors?

Consider many people have computer monitors that 21 inches or greater on their desk and some cases two or three of them.  Our Rodenstock Ergonomic lenses have a “PC design” lens that is designed to have the focal length and the field of view large enough to be able to scan your monitors clear and smooth.

They Are Not Just for the Office!

Our ergonomic eye glasses are engineered to help you maintain a natural posture while Ergonomic lenses help with making closer objects clear with little to no effort. When your spending time at home you can use them to do your daily task such cooking, watching tv, playing card games with the family. These are examples of tasks that you do at home that do not require the sharpest distance vision.


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