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Artist: Gabriela Casineanu

Exhibition date: April 2015

By developing a deeper connection with her intuition through a daily meditation practice, Gabriela Casineanu became curious about the visual representation of abstract concepts that are often mentioned in the Consciousness movement around the world. That’s how her intuitive painting came to light: by holding a word in mind, she intuitively chooses the paint colours allowing her fingers to be guided by the energy flow resonating with that concept. At the end, she meditates on the newly image created, getting sometimes more insights about the chosen topic. She considers her intuitive painting a self discovery and healing process, and hopes to inspire other people to reconnect with themselves and their talents.

Gabriela believes that everything is energy, vibrating at different levels, and these visual representations could act as reminders to bring more wisdom and positivity into our lives. She is often inspired by situations that occurred in her life or to those around her, like Going with the Flow* during a financial crisis, shifting focus on being Healthy* while struggling with a flu, or getting too emotionally caught in a situation thus causing more pain (Ingredients of Happiness* series).

Learn more about Gabriela and her art at her website.


*Bolded words represent titles of paintings inspired by those situations.