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Harmony Peach

Exhibition date: April 2013

Harmony Peach has been drawing, painting and creating since she was able. “I remember the very first sculpture I ever made was a frog shaped S.O.S. scouring pad holder when I was about 4. Even before that Harmony can recount years of scribbling crayon, marker (or “really whatever would make a mark”) on forbidden surfaces (“like home walls”). A self-taught artist who has since had some fine art training to add to her abilities, Harmony prefers to work with mixed media and switch back and forth between forms. She creates both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional work with whatever inspires her. One of her passions is to “up cycle” items into completely new and useable and unique pieces of art. She also enjoys creating items that can be worn by those who want to experience art in a way that travels with them.

Harmony was born in Windsor and yes, her parents did name her that! She has lived in London and Toronto and traveled the globe including places in Asia, Central and South America, Europe, North America, the Caribbean and that’s just naming a few. She draws inspiration from the places she’s been and the place she has now returned home to (Windsor).

Harmony also enjoys writing and is an accomplished journalist and broadcaster. She learned to read the news paper before starting kindergarten and that has shaped who she has grown into being. “I think because I’ve seen the best of humanity and the worst in the stories I’ve covered I now have a very clear identity. I know who I am, who I want to be and who I definitely don’t want to be. Writing about and making art about my experiences and my perception of the experience of others is a wonderful outlet to express what I see as humanity or the lack there of.”

Harmony has exhibited work throughout Windsor/Essex for more than 15 years and has recently decided to apply her experiences to a new business venture with two other local artists and friends. Check out Ivy Handmade Industries at Tecumseh Mall for more details about her work and the work of several other 3 dimensional and some 2 dimensional local artists.”I believe art should make sense to the artist creating it; the rest is up to the observer to figure out. Once the art is created, my experience becomes less involved. Now, it’s up to you to scrutinize! So, I hope you have fun, find inspiration, relish exquisite heartbreak, observe in utter confusion or amazement or simply find a fun little item that matches that funky outfit in your closet! Please, from me to you, have an experience.”

Check our Harmony’s custom fashion shoppe & bridal boutique in Downtown Windsor, called  Hello Beautiful