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John Larsh

Exhibition date: November 2012

A lifelong resident of Windsor, Larsh wore the hat of a Realtor for many years, a true professional dedicated to providing value and service to his clients. The rigors and precision of the real estate world and his own self-motivation prepared him for the transition from Realtor to Artist, with grace. Encouraged to paint by family members who are watercolorist and painters curiosity got the better of him. One piece of art lead to another and another, and it was not long before that sense of artistic adventure and creativity took over. Experimenting first with pastels, charcoal and ink he ultimately moved onto expressing his new passion for acrylics. Self-taught without formal training, preconceived or conventional artistic wisdom, he floundered about learning his technique by trial and error over and over. Thinking outside the box, willing to make mistakes along the way has been a good thing for him, culminating in the style of contemporary abstract art that is uniquely his.

Larsh’s creative application of layer upon textured layer of flowing colour produces a striking fusion of juxtaposed brilliance dramatically set against contrasting backgrounds, evoking reflection andfeelings of curiosity, intrigue and surprise. His style is influenced by the overall blending of natural and colour created movement expressing harmony between subjects and the spaces connecting them, producing high energy works of art; motivated by nature’s flow, spontaneous movement, light, and his fascination for bold contrasting colour. “It is rewarding and fulfilling to create art with which people feel a sense of connection.” says Larsh. John donates paintings to charitable organizations with a sense of giving something of himself for the benefit of others

See more of John’s work at his artist website.