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Linda Monin

Exhibition date: August 2013

“Some of my fondest memories are of my youth. The heat of the sun on my face while playing hopscotch with friends, the rustle of brilliant coloured leaves beneath my feet as my brothers and I plotted some kind of adventure and making snow angels with my sisters on a crispy winter night. These memories these feelings of magic and wonder inspired me to create and design the unique art of transforming photographs into beautiful, keepsake portraits.As an amateur photographer and artist I began to transform photographs into watercolour like paintings using a simple paint program I discovered on my first computer. It was so much fun and such an inspiring hobby, I began to create home portraits for friends who gave them as gifts to their friends and loved-ones, and realtors who gave them to their clients as closing gifts thanking them for their business. In 2001 after much support and never ending encouragement from friendsI am so grateful for, I launched my business. To this day I am delighted to celebrate life’s moments in these beautiful PhotoPortraits and dedicated to upgrade and refine my technique.” –Linda Monin

See more of Linda’s work at her artist website.