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International artist Maria Barry likes to look on the “brighter side of life”, which is evident in her delicate yet dazzling watercolour paintings. Born and raised in England, Maria exhibited an artistic flair from an early age but was discouraged by her parents to pursue her passion in favor of taking on more academic courses with a view to getting a ‘proper’ job. Years later she was to find a new and exciting vehicle through a medium that portrayed a universal language and needed no verbal communication to depict her message.

Having traveled extensively through Europe, Maria spend some of her happiest years in and around the Greek Islands. This influence came from her Greek mother. She enjoyed the simplicity of the people and their lifestyle while she worked with vacationers on the islands for a Tour Operator. In 1989 Maria took on a more permanent role when she moved to Florida, and continued to work in the International travel industry. Having found her passion in life, Maria is now a full time artist and uses her natural talent to teach classes to those she continues to inspire.

See more of Mary’s work at her artist website.