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Artist: Mary Anne VanWatteghem

Exhibition date: February 2015


A series of abstract geometric / OP Art compositions I began in 2010. All paintings are acrylic on canvas, sizes ranging from as small as 1×1 to 60×60.

With pencil I begin by gridding off the canvas, then covering the basic squared off surface in sections while developing the colour palette. I continually break it down, layer upon layer while considering the basic elements of art such as line, shape, pattern, colour, rhythm, contrast, balance etc. There is an infinite range of possibilities in colour and pattern and the work is constantly changing, ultimately ending with balanced, complex and visually stimulating compositions. 

Although the paintings are abstract, they resemble aerial views of cities, and have been interpreted in many ways. In 2011, the Occupy Movement was in its beginning stages, people gathering in city squares protesting the economic turmoil and challenges happening globally. The more I painted, the more the city squares filled. The paintings are named after such squares where many of these gatherings have occurred and continue to take place, consideration given to the culture, landscape colours, population, scale, and traditions of the location.

These paintings are a reflection of my skill, knowledge and aesthetics in art and design having studied and worked in interior design, visual art, taught and managed in an arts institutions as an educator for more than a decade. I feel most fulfilled when creating, educating, inspiring, learning and sharing the world of art.”

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