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“I recall a time when I was still in grade school and viewing for the first time the art of Mondrian, Klee and Kandinsky. It was a revelation to discover a world where art could be so unusual, profound with radiant new energy and life. Born there and then, without really naming it at the time, was my desire to engage in painting as a spiritual experience, as meditation and an awakening to divine presence.

In approaching the canvas, my goal is to listen within to any movement taking place, and lose myself in the interplay of textures, shapes and colors. It is about entering into mystery and silence, allowing self to discover through the process of painting. Painting provides space to play with new imgaes, unfamiliar ones, and “invites me to wonder” and to see anew. 

The theme that I continue to explore is based on the story of creation and writings of Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry. Extensive scientific discovery and new science opens new meaning to evolution. I welcome any shift, any expanding of conscioiusness and viewing of the world with all its relationships that may result. My intention is to contribute art that builds and heals, art that speaks from the soul. Connecting to art to the vast original space before the Big Bang and the evolving of life over 13.7 billion of years is an awesome adventure and mystery permeated with the divine energy.

Using traditional art materials I sometimes combine collage with acrylic and work on canvas or very heavy watercolor paper. Sometimes I just paint while other times I start with an idea which takes on a life of its own. While I have taken a number of courses in art, I am largely self taught and paint intuitively. My interest in science and the discoveries of the Universe, stems from my background in nursing plus studies in spirituality and art as spiritual practice.”

-Patricia St. Louis