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William Nolan

Exhibition date: May 2012

My name is William Nolan and displayed today in the Vision of Canada’s art gallery is a black’n’white collection of mine that usually covers my studio apartment walls. It’s a technique that I perfected over years of practice. I’d like to refer to it as Black’n’White Pointillism. When done properly, the finished product looks like a photo-copy of a photo at a distance. When you walk closer you’ll see clearly that it’s a hand drawn picture done with nothing but dots’n’lines. Within every piece that I do, there’s hidden initials and names of those who ordered that particular piece. If you look close, you’ll be able to point out some names in the drawings that are displayed within The Gallery. Also on display is some simple pencil drawings of animals and people. Most of my artwork has been either done on the side of buildings, vehicles, team uniforms, business logs’s, invitations, memoriums, or for people who order something specific to their personal needs/wants.