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Eyeglasses for Prism

Prescriptions with prism are rare and difficult for most opticians to treat. This issue is called binocular dysfunction. Patients with binocular dysfunction who are fitted with prism often have a difficult time adapting to their eyeglasses. They sometimes experience eye strain and other side effects. At Visions of Canada, we are experienced in treating patients with binocular dysfunction. These people come to us from all over North America to make glasses for them. Higher prism prescriptions require a higher level of precision as they have a zero tolerance for error. To correctly treat patients with prism requires superior lenses, attention to detail, and a specialized lens cutting process.

Our approach to treating binocular dysfunction:
There are two generally accepted kinds of binocular dysfunction. Some are easy to treat, and some require extensive consultation and development of treatment. Every case is unique and therefore handled as so. We identify if and how we are going to be able to treat each individual through consultation.

During the initial consultation, we work with you to plan the treatment for your binocular dysfunction. This includes taking a history of any past head trauma, general health issues, diagnosed neurological issues, past and present medications, visual history, a visual acuity test, addressing chief complaints, and more. After we review all of the information, we determine a program for treatment. If the binocular dysfunction is more complex and unique, a more thorough treatment program will need to be developed, possibly including correspondence with your eye doctor and medical doctor(s), multiple eye exams, multiple lens remakes, as well as extensive fitting and consultation time.

We have performed extensive research and development on treating binocular dysfunction with prism and we are the only optical professionals that we know of who are having success in treating binocular dysfunction. Our process gives prism patients hope. These glasses are not commodities, they are medical devices and must be treated as so.

How we treat binocular dysfunction with prism:

  1. Lenses
    Lenses to treat prescriptions with prism must only be ordered from the best manufacturers in the best design available for the particular prescription at hand. We provide the manufacturers with specific instructions to ensure the best results.Note: We do not use Fresnel prism or yoked prism lenses. We have the prism ground into the lens during the manufacturing process.
  2. Attention to detail
    Professional lens and frame consultation is very important to this process. The frame choice can make or break success in treating prism. We often make special adjustments or have our frames for prism custom made. Properly adjusting the eyeglasses is also imperative.
  3. Lens cutting process
    Our expert lab technicians specialize in manufacturing lenses with prism into a pair of functional eyeglasses. Lenses that correct prism fool the machines into cutting them wrong because of the way that they displace light. We avoid this mistake by measuring and placing the lenses by hand. We use special beveling procedures to make sure that your lenses sit in the frames in a way that ensures the lenses work as intended

Following the outlined procedure above allows us to get you the same vision as your doctor demonstrated to you in your eye exam (and sometimes better due to high quality lenses). Prism correcting lenses can be produced in plastic or glass, with optional colour changing technology, polarization, and sunglass tint.

To find out if we can treat your binocular dysfunction with prism, please call or visit us.