We carry a beautiful selection of sunglasses, which can be made into prescription sunglasses, customized, or worn as-is. We are constantly refreshing our inventory with the latest releases from the best designer and boutique lines.

Our designer sunglasses are guaranteed authentic because we buy directly from the licensed manufacturers. We honour all manufacturer warranties.



Polarized lenses greatly reduce reflected glare. They are ideal for driving, fishing, boating, and many other sports. Sun sensitive individuals really appreciate polarized sunglasses and polarized prescription sunglasses because it gives that extra sun protection and relaxes the eyes. Transitions Vantage lenses from Essilor combine Transitions technology with polarization, so your lenses are clear and non-polarized indoors, then turn dark and polarized in the sunlight.

Mirrored Coating

Mirrored lenses are both fashionable and functional. Light reflects off the mirrored surface, creating another barrier of sunlight protection for your eyes. Mirror tints are also a current fashion trend and are available in different colours, allowing you to create a truly customized look.

Gradient Tints

Gradient tints start dark at the top of the lens, and gradually get lighter toward the bottom. This style was very fashionable in the 70s & 80s and is back on trend with the retro revival!

Custom lens Tints

Our lens manufacturers are capable of matching the tint of most lens examples that we send them. We can arrange to have your lenses custom tinted by sending an existing sunglass lens to the manufacturer, or we can custom tint a demo lens in our lab for their reference.

Crizal Back-side Anti-reflection & UV Absorption Coating

Light comes at your eyes from in front of you and behind you. The tint on your lenses protects your eyes from the front, but UV rays can still get in from behind your lenses and reflect into your eyes, causing distraction and sun damage. A back-side anti-reflection coating absorbs the light that hits the back of your lens so that it doesn’t reflect into your eyes. UV rays have been linked to macular degeneration and cataracts –protect yourself from all angles of harmful rays!


The latest advances in lens technology allow us fit a good range of prescription sunglass lenses into curved sport frames. The optical industry has been trying to fit highly curved sport frames with prescription sunglasses for a very long time with little success. Bending flat lens to fit a curved frame caused vision issues and manufacturing instability (the lenses popped out of the frames). This recently changed when our lens manufacturers honed the ability to digitally grind lenses from the front and the back.

Curved sport lenses that can achieve clear vision and stability in single vision and progressive designs are now available. You may choose to get them with sunglass tint or clear with Transitions colour changing technology. We trust most of our sport lenses to Shamir. They are the manufacturer that creates the most advanced technology in this area and more. Our clients are experiencing better results than ever when we fit them with these advanced lenses.