We service two kinds of clients: those with easy, basic prescriptions, and those with unique prescriptions and needs.

Those of you with basic single vision prescriptions can breeze in, prescription in hand, and start trying on frames. Our staff is ready to help you with advice on balance, fashion and fit.

If you have a unique prescription, require progressive lenses, or have other special requests, a professional consultation is necessary to make sure that you will love your new eyeglasses.

What to expect during your eyeglass consultation…

Embrace the present
Your current prescription is analyzed and a copy is made for our reference.

Examine the past
If available, your previous eyeglasses are assessed and discussed. This is very helpful for defining what kind of lens design you have been wearing. What did you like about them? What didn’t you like? This way we can eliminate the negative, and recreate or improve upon the positive. Any past prescriptions that you are able to provide us will help us define any patterns or abnormalities in your prescription history.

Define your expectations
What do you want out of your lenses? Will they be for reading, driving, computer, or sports? Outdoor, indoor, or both? Do you need them to be light weight? Durable? Basic or elite lenses? Do you your lenses to be as thin as possible?

Design the vision
Based on your expectations and your current prescription, we design a plan to achieve your best vision possible. This involves choosing the material, manufacturer, and design of lens best suited to your needs.

Take measure
We measure your pupillary distance (the distance between your pupils); and for progressive lenses, your segment height (where your reading vision is going to change to distance vision). The accuracy of these measurements is imperative to creating optimal vision, as well as creating a base measurement for the size of your frames.

Create your profile
Once we’ve established your needs and wants, all of your information is kept on file. As we get to know you each time you purchase glasses from us, the process gets easier and the glasses only get better because we are continually building your trust and improving upon past experience.

What to expect during your FRAME consultation…

Face shape & size

Our goal is to help you choose a frame that maintains or creates a balanced effect on your appearance. We help make sure that the frames don’t squeeze your head, fall down your nose, touch your cheeks, or create any other undesired effects. We also take your pupillary distance into consideration to keep your lenses as thin as possible.

Fashion desires
If you tell us a colour, shape, design, or brand name that you’re looking for, we’ll likely be able to pull several frames out of our extensive inventory that meet your desires. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in-store, we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for. The Perfect Fit!

Wearing your glasses all day can be uncomfortable if they are too heavy. We have a wide selection of ultra-light titanium rimless frames, which are almost weightless, as well as full frames that are made of ultra-light and ultra-thin titanium. We can also help you choose a size and shape of frame to get your lenses as thin and light as possible.

We help make sure that your frames don’t squeeze your head, fall down your nose, touch your cheeks, or create any other uncomfortable effects.

Quality expectations
If you’re looking for a high quality frame, just let us know and we’ll guide you to the highest quality available, made with durable luxury materials and often hand made or hand finished in Japan, Italy or France. These frames are guaranteed to meet your expectations in fit, feel, make and longevity.

Flexibility requirements
A number of our frames are made with flex hinges and flexible materials for extra durability and comfort. Conversely, we have lots of stable frames for those of you whose prescriptions require this quality in a frame.

Final Design:

When a lens design and frame are chosen, the consultation process is complete and a the blueprint to build your glasses is created!


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