We offer the best warranties because we carry the best products, and we buy them directly from the manufacturers. On the rare occasion that a warranty claim is required, we will help you through the process.

Please check with us to see if a deductible is required in order to process your warranty.

Product Warranty

Visions of Canada honours all manufacturer warranties.

Eyeglass Frames

Most frames come with a two year guarantee against defects and paint peeling.*

Sunglass Frames

Most sunglasses come with a one year guarantee against defects and paint peeling.*

Eyeglass Lenses

All of our lenses come with a 90 day fitting warranty, and a 90 day doctor’s change in prescription warranty. Zeiss, Rodenstock, and Nikon carry a two year warranty against peeling coatings and other manufacturer defects in these lenses.*

Progressive Lenses

In the event that a client cannot wear the progressive lenses provided, a refund will be issued for the difference between the price of the progressive lenses and the new pair of single vision or bifocal lenses.*

Contact Lenses

All defective disposable contact lenses will be replaced with a new pair at no charge.*

Frame Adjustments

We provide complimentary initial adjustments and maintenance adjustments to frames purchased at Visions of Canada.

Frame Repairs

Repairs on frames that are past the manufacturer’s warranty, and/or are broken or mangled due to frame abuse (accidental or intentional), will be assessed and, if salvageable, repaired for a fee based on labour and parts.

Sometimes, severely mangled eyeglasses break while we are trying to fix or adjust them. Our Licensed Opticians use their best judgement while performing repairs, however Visions of Canada is not responsible for any further damage done to frame or lenses during repairs of this kind.

*Warranties do not apply in cases of lens, frame, or contact lens abuse.