Sport Eyewear

At Visions of Canada, we have the knowledge, expertise, and finally the advanced lens technology to fit your wrapped sport frames with curved sport lenses to match, in a good range of prescriptions. Now you can wear your prescription sunglasses for sports! The optical industry has been trying to fit highly curved sport frames with prescription sunglasses for a very long time with little success. Bending flat lens to fit a curved frame caused vision issues and manufacturing instability (the lenses popped out of the frames). This recently changed when our lens manufacturers honed the ability to digitally grind lenses from the front and the back.

Retro/Vintage Eyewear

If you’re looking for eyewear that shows off your personality, consider a pair of retro/vintage eyewear. If you’re wearing a pair of vintage frames, don’t expect to look like a retiree heading to the shuffleboard and pickle ball courts. Instead, consider this: These aren’t your grandparents’ sunglasses… and even if they are… now they’re cool.

Petite Eyewear

Petite glasses are made for small or narrow faces. Their size, shape, and style features are all specially designed to fit and flatter small faces. If you want great-looking glasses that fit you the way they were meant to, contact us today for more details.

Luxury Eyewear

Designer eyeglasses are not just about a logo or a brand name; they come with a higher quality, they are more durable, and carry a warranty and reputation that you don’t get from imitation or no brand eyewear.